Food Grade Plastic Freezing Drying Tray 810*600*75mm

Food Grade Plastic Freezing Drying Tray 810*600*75mm

  • Reference Number: HDD-001
    Size (External): Length 810mm x Width 600mm x Height 75mm
    Weight: 1.70 kg each
  • Holes: 3mm , 7mm
    Colour: White,red,blue, green,yellow,etc.
    Material:  100% Food Grade material
  • Temperture: -40℃-100℃
  • Brand: Haide
  • Bottom leakage
  • Thickening
  • Uniform distribution of mesh
  • Complete Sizes
  • Custom color
  • Fine workmanship
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Food Grade Plastic Freezing Drying Tray 810*600*75mm

Food Grade Plastic Freezing Drying Tray is also called dry pill disk or soft capsule pill selecting drying tray. It’s a professional soft capsule drying equipment. It’s for the final drying of both softgel (soft capsule ) and paintball. It’s stacked on a movable stainless steel trolley. Soft capsule drying tray is made of food grade engineering plastics. The drying tray has characteristics of light structure, good ventilation effect, fast drying speed and not easy to stick.

  • Made with 100% virgin polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.Such as drying,cooling and freezing.

  • Reinforced corners won’t chip and overall rugged construction makes for years of long lasting use.100% guarantee for 1 full year.

  • Lightweight design makes for easy handling and trasportation.

  • Easy to clean with high-pressure water.

  • Stackable to reduce storage space.

  • Available with solid bottoms or ventilated bottoms for accelerated drying.

Suitable for:

  •  Food ,candy, Cakes, Confectionery Trays, Pizzerias, Dough, Bakery, Pizza, Food Stalls, Farmers Markets, Restaurants, Artisan Bread Makers, Takeaways, Laboratories, Cupcakes etc.
  • Drying/Draining: pasta, plant leaf, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, soft gel, spice, vegetable and fruit

  • Freezing: seafood (Sea cucumber, trepang, shrimp, fish and crab)

  • Baking: preserved fruit candied fruit dried fruit


Model Holes Size(mm) weight
HDD-001 3.5mm,7mm 810*595*75mm 1.5kg
HDD-002 3.5mm,7mm 730*430*70mm 1.2kg
HDD-003 2.0mm,6mm 590*390*65mm 0.7kg
HDD-004 8mm 880*480*70mm 1.4kg
HDD-005 3mm 880*480*60mm 1.4kg
HDD-006 10mm 720*420*70mm 1.1kg
HDD-007 10mm 640*460*70mm 1.0kg
HDD-008 8mm 600*400*90mm 0.8kg
HDD-009 9mm 615*615*90mm 1.2kg
HDD-010 10mm 550*550*70mm 1.0kg
HDD-011 6mm 370*350*55mm 0.8kg
HDD-012 6mm 735*505*80mm 1.1kg