1000L IBC Tank 275 gallon poly totes

1000L IBC Tank 275 gallon poly totes

1000liter IBC Tanks are excellent low cost IBC options that are reliable, durable containers.


1000L IBC Tank UN 275 gallon poly totes

275 gallon poly totes have external protective cages constructed from galvanized steel. Rigid steel cages provide IBC container durability and corrosion resistance. The internal 275 gallon IBC liner has been blow-mold manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

275 gallon IBC tanks make excellent trade assets within agriculture, paints, coatings, chemicals, petrochemicals and the energy sector, non-drinking water, process/waste water, as well as road and construction work, for a few examples.

275 gallon IBC containers are designed for the successful handling of compatible chemicals and fluids that have been rated up to 1.9 specific gravity. 275 gallon poly totes measure 48” L x 40” W x 46″ H, measuring very near standard pallet dimensions. For handling, they have 4 way forklift/pallet jack access, feature an easy-to-integrate cubical design, 6” top fill port, and 2” NPT male quick connect discharge valve.

These totes are often utilized as drum-pallet replacements due to their shipping volume equivalence and the IBC’s space-saving design. A single 275 gallon caged tote can replace 5 drums that would require 1.25 pallets, efficiently saving space with an increasing IBC fleet. 1000liter IBC Tanks are excellent low cost IBC options that are reliable, durable containers.



Weight 57kg±1kg
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 46 in
Color White,blue,Black
Manufactured In Shandong,China
Forklift 4 Way Cross-Directional Forklift Channels
Freight Class 150
Gallon Indicators Yes
Gallon Capacity 275 Gallon
Manufacturer IBC Tanks
Material Polyethylene
Stacking Capability 3 High
Translucent Yes
UV Inhibitors Yes
Max Temperature (°F) 105°F
Specific Gravity 1.9
Opening 6″ Threaded Vented Lid
Outlets 2″ Drain Valve w/ Male Quick Disconnect Coupler
Standards UN


Product specification sheet
IBC tank 1*40HQ container can fit 42pcs
Product name 1000L IBC Tank
Certificate UN approved
Product description 1000L IBC Tank, with metal cage and frame, DN50 ball valve / butterfly valve, breathable cover / blind cover




Nominal / full mouth capacity (L) 1000 ≥1050
Approved weight (kg) 57±1
Stacking weight (kg) 4056
Maximum allowable weight (kg) 2013
Maximum allowable density (g/m) 1.9
Liner material 4570UV/4261AG UV60005/580M/4506
Production method Extrusion blow molding
Inner container weight (kg) 15.5±1
Top thread type / pitch (mm) SLCS160 7
Filling caliber (mm) 150


Top cover Breathable cover Blind cover
Material HDPE
length 1200±5 Gasket material EPDM EVA



width 1000±5 Breathable device (optional) Breathable plug / twoway breathable membrane No
height 1145±5
Weight 57Kg Drain valve
Wall Thickness 1.6-1.8mm Type DN50 ball valve / butterfly valve
Tray height D 120 Material PE/PP/ETFE
Fork hole

center distance E:

800 Gasket material PE/FKM
Fork hole height F 90 inside diameter mm) 50±1




Note: Please confirm the chemical

compatibility of the contents and the

packaging container, and provide

the corresponding sealing material

for selection.

Export thread type / pitch SCCS60 6
Material Galvanized steel DC53D
Processing methods stamping
Material Galvanized steel pipe DC51D
Processing methods Steel pipe welding, pipe forming and reassembly
Valve switch insurance, safety cover, aluminum foil seal, discharge bend, instruction manual, certificate etc